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Al Hopkins

Allan Hopkins in Memoriam

SCIO lost a dear friend and true champion in August. Allan Hopkins was a husband to Claire, a father to Jillian and Sarah, a LEGO building partner and Papa to three amazing grandsons, Will, Campbell and Thomas. He was an avid traveller, a frustrated golfer, a mentor and a true business leader.

To SCIO Al Hopkins was instrumental in advocating for a barrier-free Ontario. Al spearheaded the Wheelchair Relay in Toronto since the beginning of this major SCIO community fundraising event in the 1990s. Along with his wife, Claire, and daughter, Jill, he assembled the support of family, friends and corporate partners to create the lead fundraising team for many years. He was an ardent supporter of full employment for people living with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities and often supported SCIO’s Employment Services. Al’s big heart made a big difference to the SCIO community. Al’s family honoured SCIO by choosing us as one of their charities of choice for in memoriam donations. We appreciate his and his family’s enthusiastic contributions over the years and express our deepest sympathies at the loss of this cherished member of our community.

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