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Magazine cover of SCIO community member riding his scooter.

Fall 2022

Independence is a simple concept. At its core, it means having autonomy over your own life. It is the foundation of adulthood, the ability to determine our own actions and make our own decisions.

Summer 2021 Magazine Cover

Summer 2021

Last summer, as we were struggling through the first 6 months of the pandemic, the spotlight shone brightly on not only the many pre-existing barriers to full inclusion that our community members face every day, but on...

Community Magazine Cover Spring 2021

Spring 2021

As I write this in early spring, the opposing forces of sun and wind, of light and shade, so eloquently described by Charles Dickens, seems apropos of our current reality: lockdowns and easing restrictions; rising case...

Community Magazine Cover Winter 2021

Winter 2021

When I think about the core characteristics of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, one phrase always come to mind: Honest Optimism. This is a phrase we used a lot three or four years ago when we were refocusing our strategic...

Winter 2020

Winter 2020

  Opening Notes: What makes a powerful partnership? As we prepare to wrap up another fiscal year on March 31, we take stock of our strength as an organization. We look at what factors were at play in our successes...


Fall 2019

  Opening Notes: 2018-19 – The end of an era and a new beginning There is absolutely no doubt of the great value skilled attendants bring to our community. You only need witness the devastating impact of the...


Spring 2019

Under our new government, Ontario is changing, from drinking hours to funding structures. If the province is ‘a place to grow’, as our licence plates will announce next February, we want to make sure that’s true for...


Fall 2018

We’ve enjoyed many important and entertaining magazine articles under the name Outspoken! over the last 14 years and, as you’ll see by this issue’s cover, we’ve taken the plunge and updated our publication’s name.

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