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Plan a legacy that will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

Lynn Turnbull “When we write our Last Will and Testament, we consider people and things we love. We leave gifts to benefit others, so that a little piece of us can live on. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario has been part of my family for a long time. My sister Barbara was a client, a fundraiser, a donor, and a much-loved community member of the organization. Through Barbara, I’ve seen first-hand the powerful impact Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s services can have on a person’s life. For this reason, I too fundraise, donate and have made the decision to leave a gift in my Will so that Spinal Cord Injury Ontario can continue their life-changing work even when I’m gone.”

– Lynn Turnbull

You care about looking after those you love. You want to know that your legacy includes making certain they will have enough to thrive. You also care that the good work you have supported in your life continues to get done. It can seem that these two things are in competition. They don’t have to be.

Those you love and the causes you care about are all part of your legacy. Look after your loved ones first, make certain they are taken care of. Then, determine a percentage of your estate, as large or as small as fits your life, that you will give in service of the cause that is part of who you are.

What then? Add one sentence in your Will.

By simply adding one sentence to your Will, you engage the same easy mechanism the majority of generous Canadians who have made a planned gift have used to add to their lasting legacy. You just add a sentence to your existing Will (called a codicil) or new Will and you have added to your legacy of caring for your community. That’s it.

It is important to mention that planned giving offers many ways to increase your impact and even lower your taxes, like making a charity a beneficiary of your insurance, RRIF or RRSP. These are worth reviewing in the context of your goals and financial life, but an uncomplicated gift in your Will is the most likely starting point for making certain the causes that are part of your life’s work can continue to do the work you care about and continue your legacy.

Your Legacy

We are happy to help however you prefer.

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By Spinal Cord Injury Ontario | Fall 2020

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