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Older gentleman in wheelchair with his attendant.

Providing Supportive Care for People with an SCI

For people who have sustained a spinal cord injury day-to-day life changes dramatically. From changes in mobility and ongoing effects, to health and personal care considerations, people with an SCI face a lot of challenges and loss.

As a result, the understanding and support provided by family, friends and community support providers can be critical. With that in mind, Cortree has designed a course to help increase awareness of the changes people with an SCI face and what kinds of support they may require to live the life they choose.

The course is a snapshot version of the training we provide to attendants on serving people with spinal cord injury. It is not a “deep dive” into all the clinical and practical requirements involved in providing assistive care. The goal of this course is to help increase understanding of the kinds of knowledge and skills a support person – whether a PSW, family member, or friend, may need to have to provide support to a person with an SCI in the community.

This course will provide a better understanding of spinal cord injuries. It will explain the complications of Autonomic Dysreflexia and how to recognize and address root causes. It will also teach ways to prevent and address skin breakdown, bowel and bladder problems.

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