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Roadmap to Recovery: Coming soon

We are incredibly excited to introduce a new SCIO publication due out early 2020. Roadmap to Recovery is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and written by Julie Sawchuk, published author, speaker, former SCIO client and Peer Support Volunteer in her Southwestern Ontario community.

Julie sustained an SCI in 2015 after being struck by a car while cycling, and is now living a robust independent life. “I know that I am not the first person in Ontario to have a spinal cord injury, and unfortunately I know I won’t be the last. I have only my story, one set of experiences to share. With the help from the Ontario Trillium Foundation I am working with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario to create a resource to help Ontarians with a spinal cord injury navigate the path through their recovery.”

In Roadmap, you’ll find Julie’s compelling story and detailed information about every stage on the SCI journey: from injury to acute care to rehab to learning to live independently and thrive with an SCI. You’ll also find insights from professional health care providers and others on the diverse team who support people who have sustained an SCI. Stay tuned for info on how to access this important resource. 

When you’re in such a vulnerable and confused state, after sustaining a spinal cord injury, you want a roadmap. You want someone who’s been there to answer your questions: What can I expect? Who do I go to for help? How do I solve this problem? This is what inspired me to write this book with SCIO.

~ Author Julie Sawchuk

Build Your Space book coverBuild Your Space

Julie’s been busy! As an accessibility strategist, certified by the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification® program, and having just built her own accessible home, Julie shares her knowledge and insights in her new book entitled Build YOUR Space, available through her website at

Build YOUR Space guides you through the process of planning an accessible space, from a single bathroom to a whole home. You will learn how the big decisions (like windows and flooring) can make as much of an impact as the small details like counter height and door handles. Build YOUR Space will help you customize your space to fit your personal requirements and make decisions that will allow for reduced physical energy needs, improved safety during everyday activities, increased independence and the preservation of dignity.

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