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SCIO Community Advances SCI Research

The SCIO Community Advances SCI Research

Partnering with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is a powerful way that SCIO advances the science of spinal cord injury. In 2003, we established a fellowship program at Toronto Rehab to support the health and recovery of people living with SCI. The SCIO Fellowship – entirely funded through donations from our community – has cultivated new generations of scientists, professors and researchers who are creating state-of-the-art interventions, therapies and assistive devices while also training upcoming innovators and clinicians.

With the support of SCIO donors, Toronto Rehab has:

  • worked with 14 Postdoctoral Fellows from around the world who, mentored by senior scientists, have developed a career line of SCI research
  • improved care through programs like the national SCI-High initiative in advancing best practices in rehab; cardiorespiratory fitness assessment; and exercise prescription guidelines
  • advanced technologies such as the ERIGO+FES system for blood pressure regulation and neuroprosthesis for movement
  • made breakthroughs in research areas such as image processing for clinical bone research and techniques for pain management

The SCIO Fellowship is a powerful example of what’s possible when donation dollars support research partnerships: everyone in the SCI community wins.


You can help support this vital research with a donation:

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