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Three great free apps that promote accessibility in Ontario

Innovation + technology meets accessibility.


""For many who use wheelchairs or mobility devices, fueling up a car with gas can be a daunting task. The driver often is unaware of which stations can provide assistance with filling their tank, resulting in them needing to go from station to station in order to receive the assistance they require. The app fuelService helps individuals find a gas station where they would be helped to fill their car. The app helps you find a gas station from a list or map, then contacts the gas stations to see if they can assist you once you arrive and then informs you on how long the wait will be before you are helped.



Access Now

""As mentioned above, unless one is accustomed to a specific location, it is hard to know which places are accessible and which are not. Access Now is a community-driven app that pinpoints accessible locations such as restaurants, museums, attractions and more on an interactive map to view their accessibility ratings. The ratings consist of accessible, partially accessible, patio access only and not accessible. The app receives its data from app users rating specific locations they have been to for others who use the app to understand what to expect at each establishment. 




""Finding wheelchair accessible parking and washrooms can sometimes be challenging, especially when in a new city or town. The mobile app Wheelmate compiles user-rated wheelchair accessible washrooms and parking spots for more than 35 000 locations across 45 countries. This app allows users to have a dynamic overview of the nearest public convenience to aid them in planning their day.

Although Ontario is far from being entirely accessible, these apps can help make Ontario citizens more independent and less inconvenienced. Whether its finding accessible locations or receiving assistance when filling your car with gas, these applications will provide more freedom and information that help make Ontario more accessible than ever before.



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