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Tune in to CortreeTV

We are pretty excited about a new community-produced channel that shares how-to videos by people who know the score.

Information is everywhere: opinions on products; insights on investments; specs on systems. All you need to do is Google an item and you’ve got millions of hits on why you should buy it or how you should do it or why you shouldn’t. But who’s behind the wall? Who stands to benefit from your decision to purchase or act?

One reason retailers feature consumer reviews on their websites is because we all know there’s great value in the opinion of those with direct and personal experience. We tend to trust someone who’s been there, and is willing to share what they’ve learned.

Nancy in the pool
Nancy shows us how she transfers into her condo’s outdoor pool.

Which brings us to CortreeTV, a very new, very exciting social learning feature of SCIO’s Cortree Disability Education Centre.

CortreeTV takes a community-based approach to enhancing the learning experience, giving Cortree users the chance to view, interact with, and even create and share your own video-based learning content.

Oda showing off accessible kitchen skills
Oda shows us around his accessible kitchen.

While the CortreeTV team are publishing self-produced disability-related video content on a weekly basis, we’re looking forward to seeing all Cortree users view, ask questions and comment about these videos – and we’re even more excited to see all Cortree users produce and share their own videos.

These videos don’t need to be Hollywood productions. Members of the Cortree learning community are simply keen to learn your tips, lessons, routines and approaches to living a healthy, happy life. Cellphone. Webcam. No special effects needed. Only you and the value of your own experience and tips.

Accessible exercise tips
Oda demonstrates home wheelchair weight training.

So sign in. Select the left menu. Head to the CortreeTV. Check out the short, informative and entertaining videos already shared. And, when you’re ready, take a look at our video on how to shoot your own video, start filming and share what you know!

Visit to sign in or register to Cortree.

Feature photo: Nancy does the splits while she keeps us in stitches

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