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Virtual Peer Connections Take Off

With COVID-19, our Peer Connections information sessions – usually held in locations across the province every month – moved completely online, allowing us to continue sharing information and insights, and building relationships in a virtual setting.

Feedback from guests of these virtual events has been largely positive. Sarah Mueller, SCIO’s Barrie Regional Client Services Assistant, says that some community members like the virtual events even more than the in-person meetings. She says, “It’s a great way for members who live outside my immediate geographic area to join in.” They are also helpful from the presenter’s perspective as it gives them the opportunity to reach more people in one session and learn using new technology such as Zoom video conferences. 

SCIO Peer Program Co-ordinator Charlie Warriner also appreciates that the virtual events reach more people. He sees them helping clients who may feel disconnected or isolated due to the lockdown or live further away from where we’ve traditionally hosted in-person events. Connecting online, they are now able to see others they used to regularly meet with, helping to maintain important relationships. It can feel safer joining a virtual meeting from the comfort of home. One client shared that their level of injury makes it difficult to venture out and travel to physical meetings, so the online experience is welcome.

We look forward to hosting more virtual Peer Connections events across the province as we continue to hear our community’s input on topics and format. We hope you can join us for the next one!

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