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Volunteer Love

In any not-for-profit organization, volunteers provide necessary support and resources. Their gifts of time and talent help to fuel the engine of organizations like SCIO. We are indebted to all of our incredible volunteers.

We wish to take a moment to acknowledge a particular group of volunteers, our Peer Mentors. Our Peer Mentors are a dedicated group that understands the value of lived experience to the newly injured. Despite the challenges that the pandemic created in connecting, our Peer Mentors persevered to provide support whenever and however they could. They act as a guide, a point of reference and a source of inspiration. Their role is particularly emotional and challenging as they are often called to relive their own trauma while assisting others to come to grip with theirs. For many, they take on this role because they know the value of mentoring from their their own experience and they in turn inspire others to take up the torch to help light way for other newly injured.

For 2020-2021 operational year we wish to acknowledge the following Peer Mentors for their dedication and support to our clients, our community and to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.

Barrie – Tyhme Thomson
Hamilton – Marg Veldhuizen
Kingston – Nicole Cromwell
London – Louise Watson
Ottawa – Madelyn Scanlan
Peterborough – Carl Bax
Thunder Bay – Maurice Ruebenic
Toronto – Teck Go
York – Ryan Durham

By: Spinal Cord Injury Ontario | Winter 2021/2022

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