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Volunteer Spotlight

I give my time because…

Andy Rady, Senior Volunteer

“I give my time because volunteering with SCIO provides me with new perspectives and enriches my knowledge and understanding of the difficulties faced by people with spinal cord injuries, as well as the invaluable resources that are available to them from SCIO.  Those perspectives and information, in turn, help me to provide better assistance and advice to individuals that have suffered injury and who require my assistance in navigating our legal compensation system.”


Brian Campbell, Client and Volunteer

“SCIO helped me and my family out immensely after my injury, so for that I gladly offer my time.”


Dimitrios Tsirgielis

“I give my time because helping people is something I am passionate about.”.


Thomas King

“I give my time because I want to offer back to an organization that I feel doesn’t receive enough exposure. I want a better understanding of the daily challenges and offer to inform others of those challenges.”

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By: Spinal Cord Injury Ontario | Spring 2022

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